Blending Supersonic, Subatomic Java with deep learning to perform object detection. Sounds interesting? Because it is! Then watch this session to learn how to create a microservice combining TensorFlow and Quarkus together into one executable using GraalVM native image, JNI, and Protobuf. With this, we detect objects in photos by returning labels, bounding boxes, and confidence scores. Additionally, we will touch on Open Data Hub, an AI/ML solution for OpenShift.

This video was originally posted on Red Hat Developers

When building an MVP software application, you may jump immediately to a microservice architecture because it’s the new norm for building cloud-native applications. You may also be skeptical about starting off with a monolith MVP because of the stigma of monoliths being a relic of the past. In this talk, we will buck the microservice trend by showing how to evolve a monolith MVP in a highly controlled way using modular design principles. We will end with demonstrating a future-proof Quarkus + Vert.x application that is both a monolith and microservices while using the same code and modular design.

Eric Murphy

Field Engineer @

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